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Event:  Lowcountry Plastic Purge
City:  Pawleys Island, SC  
Date:  Earth Day 2013
Location:  tbd
Activity:  Community members who have taken the plastic purge pledge will bring their purged plastic items to create a mountain of plastic that we will recycle.  The event's purpose is two-fold:  1)  to help encourage communities to purge their kitchens of plastic and 2) to create media awareness to the plastic problem
Contact:  to pre-register for the Lowcountry Event and make the pledge, email Laura Lee at chirpingbirdsociety@gmail.com or call 843.957.0841


How Do I Set Up a Plastic Purge Event in My Community? 

  • Select a date.
  • Start with your friends!  Send out emails and social media notices about your event. 
  • Partner with a local recycling company, or plan to organize volunteers to take away the bags to your local recycling center. 
  • Send out a media invitation. (email us and we'll send you a sample one)
  • Get commitments from as many families as you can to attend the event.  
  • Collect email address and send out reminders and tips. 
  • Gather together in a high-profile location such as a school or church parking lot. 
  • Create your mountain of plastic. 
  • Use the photo op and the event to help spread awareness about the dangers of plastic, both in our bodies and in our environment. 
  • Write your own press release if you didn't have live media coverage. (email us to get a sample press release if you need one.) 
  • Remember the goal of every Plastic Purge Event:  RAISING AWARENESS

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