December 21, 2012

We've taken flight!

Dear friends, families and environmentalists,
We are delighted to introduce the Chirping Bird Society which has been formed to cheer for the organizations and individuals who are presently devoting their time and energy to bringing awareness to plastic in the ocean.

Capt. Charles Moore once said that the only way to solve the problems of oceanic pollution is to prevent plastic from reaching the ocean in the first place.  It is through the efforts of Capt. Moore,  founder of the Algalita Marine Research Institute, and many other groups such as the Plastic Pollution Coalition,  5 Gyres Institute, Manfred Albatross, Nature Drive, Two Hands Project, One More Generation,  Beth Terry and many others, that there is hope for a cleaner  and healthier ocean.

As well as supporting these existing groups, the Chirping Bird Society will spread the message to individual citizens, one person at a time, by chirping and cheeping publicly at every opportunity to help educate more people about the harmful effects of plastic.

We can all be chirping birds---men, women and children.  The only thing required from a chirping bird is to join Capt. Moore in his “Great Refuse” to reduce one’s plastic footprint and chirp or cheep to family and friends about the dangers of plastic to our society and our natural world.

On this website, you will learn about a number of honorary chirping birds who have already exhibited tremendous courage by speaking out about plastic and taking action to bring awareness to the issue.

We founding chirping birds applaud all environmentalists and animal advocates, and we invite you to join us to support those that are truly making a difference.

You can start by liking, commenting and sharing this post on Facebook, and please sign up to become a chirping bird.  We will never share your email, and we are not trying to raise money - only AWARENESS of this  critical health and environmental problem -- one chirp at a time!  

Laura Lee
Goffinet McLaren
Bonnie Monteleone

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