February 18, 2013

Joyce Goodchild: Letter to Carrabas Restaurant

                                           Joyce Goodchild

Joyce Goodchild is a chirping bird who lives in Pawleys Island, SC. Joyce is very dedicated to the anti-plastic movement and writes regularly to different companies that she feels could reduce their plastic foot print. Most recently she sent a letter to Carrabas restaurant chain pointing out the extravagance of their one-time salt and pepper shakers. Please read Joyce's letter below:
February 5, 2013


Bloomin' Brands, Inc.

2202 N. West Shore Blvd.

Suite 500

Tampa, FL 33607


To whom it may concern:


I have been a fan and devoted customer of your restaurants for some time, and not only do I patronize them, but I buy gift cards for family members for special occasions.  But I am so disappointed by the use of the disposable salt and pepper grinders you use that, unless things change, I’m afraid I’m going to find more environmentally friendly places to eat and gift. 


I’m also going to ask my friends, many of whom enjoy dining in your restaurants, to take note of this.  Not only are these adding to the landfills senselessly, but they are difficult for older folks to use.  What is wrong with regular salt and pepper shakers?  Newer is not always better.  Plus, surely, it would save your company money.


I intend to pass this along to all my friends on Facebook and request that they pass it on to their friends.  Hopefully, this letter will help you realize the impact on and the threat to our environment that this type of thing has. 


Please consider what I’m saying and give it some thought.  The public is becoming more aware of the danger to this planet of too much trash.  The excuse that much of this can be recycled just doesn’t cut it.  Only so much can be recycled, and the rest goes into landfills.


I sincerely hope you find it worthwhile to give it some thought and consider what I’m asking. 



Joyce Goodchild
This letter is an excellent example of how chirping birds can make an enormous difference one letter and one chirp at a time. Keep up the good work chirping birds.

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