June 22, 2014

June Jordan's experience with hospital plastic bags!

Presented by June J Jordan
Please read and be warned about the useless need for bags if such an occasion arose.
I always bring my own sheet [more privacy] and in future will also carry my own bag.

Today I had to go to the Grand Strand Breast Health Center at 82nd Parkway for the first time because South Strand no longer does diagnostic mammos. At South Strand you put your clothes in a locker. Today I was given a heavy weight plastic bag with a drawstring to put my things in and keep them with me. This was a 'one-use plastic bag" for 15-minutes! This is an appalling needless use of plastic. This was one office--I don't even want to think of all the plastic that hospitals and doctors offices use and discard every day.

I found this on line today and thought I would pass it along as an FYI. Found the "SOLUTION" paragraph particularly interesting and wonder what others thought about this.

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