September 22, 2014

People's March for Climate Change!

Recently my friend, Robert Sharpe and I were discussing the difference between JOY and GRATITUDE.
A few days later 
Debbie Clark Trolsen invited me to take the Three Day Gratitude Challenge on Facebook.
And I listed my 9 highest priorities for being grateful in my life.

Yesterday's 'People's March', which demands action to reduce the devastating effects of fossil fuels on our planet included both JOY and GRATITUDE simultaneously: 
JOY that the world was coming together about Climate Change and GRATITUDE for Bill McKibben [] and the people who organized the event.
I will look forward to the day when I again feel the same two emotions---the day when the same committed activists turn out to demand action for Plastic Pollution on our Planet. 
That will be a day of both tremendous JOY and GRATITUDE!

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