December 13, 2012

Christamas Reminder To Chirp About Extra Litter

                      Chirping Bird Society


Dear chirping birds,

Thank you for joining our society to chirp and cheep about the devastating effects of disposable plastic pollution.

As Christmas approaches more and more disposable plastic will be dumped into landfills or disposed of in some other inappropriate way eventually reaching our oceans where it entangles and chokes our magnificent marine life.

By chirping out at check-out lines in grocery stores, departments stores, cheap chain stores, dry cleaning stores, garden centers, restaurants, etc we can help to bring awareness to plastic pollution one person at a time. When placing mail orders, we can also request paper wrapping instead of styrofoam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap. Ask and you shall receive!

Re the Chirping Bird Society, allow me draw an analogy to WWII. One of the most important forces during the war was the Resistant Movement, which was made up of ordinary folk, who refused to let Hitler take over the world. Members of the resistance did everything individually possible to help the leaders win freedom for future generations.

The Chirping Bird Society can be a ‘resistant movement’ to defeat plastics and stop the Holocaust of marine life. Let’s support the present leaders like Capt. Charles Moore; the Plastic Pollution Coalition; the Plastic Ocean Project, One More Generation; Beth Terry; Plastic Bag Ban Report to mention but a few and bring the necessary awareness to win this war on disposable plastic.

Have a peaceful plastic-free Christmas and an even more plastic free New Year!

Cheery cheeps and chitters,



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