December 29, 2014

Companies Respond to Women's Call for Toxic-free Products

I recently read a very interesting article in “Green Biz” which pointed out that women buy the vast majority of consumer products especially house cleaning products and cosmetics.
The article also pointed out that women are now paying much greater attention to the nasty chemicals that may be in their purchases, the list of which is long and disturbing and can be connected to many maladies including cancer. I personally believe the connection between chemical contaminants and cancer is very strong.
Green Biz goes on to relate that product manufacturers are now under pressure to report the contents and remove the toxins from their merchandise, something for which I am highly delighted and very grateful.
If you would like to increase your personal awareness about these chemicals and non profits that are holding the producers accountable, you can visit organizations such as: Mind the Store; Campaign for Safe Cosmetics; Getting Ready for Baby and most importantly, Women’s Voices for the Earth.
I would also like to point out something that Captain Charles Moore said to me a few years ago and something that I have never forgotten. He stated, “If it is on you, it is in you,” meaning that if a contaminant touches your skin, it will be absorbed into your body.  
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