December 16, 2014

Pope Francis is an Honorary Chirping Bird!

His Holiness, Pope Frances, is a ‘Chirping Bird’

Since the formation of the Chirping Bird Society, many people have asked what exactly is a ‘chirping bird’?

The simple answer is that a ‘chirping bird’ is any man, woman or child, in any shape, form or fashion, whether white, black, brown, red or green, young, old or in between, who is prepared to chirp, cheep and chitter about problems caused by humans.

Chirping birds also honor and support those people that are bringing awareness to the challenges that we face.

Today, we wish to recognize His Holiness, Pope Francis, as an Honorary Chirping Bird. Since taking office, Pope Francis has ‘chirped’ about many varied and challenging issues.

He is calling for the world to care for the poorest and most marginalized people, those that have been ‘enslaved’ and ‘exploited’ by an economic system that treats them like machines.

He wants a more equitable society and a just system---a system that enables everyone to succeed.

He is also calling society to be more accepting of divorced and gay people while he acknowledges the opposition from more conservative members of his church.

But best of all, His Holiness is an outspoken advocate for the environment and animals. He suggests that “Environmental degradation is one of the biggest challenges we face. He also suggests: “A question that we are not asking ourselves: Is not humanity committing suicide with this indiscriminate and tyrannical use of nature?” Pope Francis states that we humans “should be ‘Stewards’, not ‘Masters’ of the Earth.”
Perhaps no other individual has such a high perch from which to chirp about the wrong doings of this world so the Chirping Bird Society salutes His Holiness for the stance that he has taken on these important issues. “One chirp cannot change the world but we can all chirp in support of Pope Francis and millions of chirps will change all things.
A quick recap about the history of the Chirping Bird Society: During the apartheid era in South Africa, a white female Member of Parliament (MP) called Helen Suzman, knew in her heart that apartheid was wrong. She therefore became an anti-apartheid activist, who stood up to all the other MPs about the evils of the political system. She was the only MP in S.A., who ever visited Nelson Mandela, the first black president of S.A.  Helen talked so much about the evils of apartheid, she was dubbed the ‘chirping bird.’ Hence: The Chirping Bird Society!

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